seven oaks

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tarrytown INDUSTRIAL modern

Ultimately winning as award for "Residence-Traditional", steps were taken to cozy the space which included new industrial decorative lighting, adding variations of warm gray pain colors, remodeling bathrooms and sourcing rustic modern furnishings.

S E E  T H E  S P A C E

river oaks MODern

A remodeled home in a historic neighborhood surprises with uber modern lines and finishes. With a nod to its original look, check out the exposed brick in the master bathroom which was part of the original construction.

S E E  T H E  S P A C E

south first

Wall finishes are the star of the show in this contemporary home including graphic paint, chic wallpaper and rich walnut. These elements helped win 1st place in the Contemporary Residence category and unique furniture and accessories created a one-of-a-kind look.

S E E  T H E  S P A C E